Investment Strategy

Our Strategy

No approach is flawless; every investment has risk. With sound strategy, however, Ashton Group’s financial professionals can help maximize returns relative to the risks that your portfolio presents.

Our Approach

  • Index those asset classes that historically have a high probability of market performance or underperformance.
  • Actively manage those asset classes most likely to outperform.
  • Identify and access unique one-off investment opportunities that are not correlated to traditional marketable securities.
  • Align ourselves with complementary professionals whose skills and expertise will benefit our clients.
  • Remain consistently disciplined.
  • Assess, reassess and rebalance.
  • Pay special attention to asset transfers to the next generation or charity through advice on trusts, foundations, insurance products, tax minimization and gifting.

Today, the world is much more complicated than it was just a decade or two ago. Portfolios have gone global, and an investor’s choices are far broader than just stocks, bonds and cash.

Investors today need to consider asset classes from all over the world, and then determine the most effective way of accessing those asset classes. Gone are the days of the Do It Yourself investor managing his or her own portfolio with just 15 minutes per week! More than ever, investors need a manager who is focusing on markets 24/7!

In constructing portfolios, we ask ourselves:

  • Are interest rates rising or falling?
  • Is unemployment rising or falling?
  • Is the GDP growing or contracting?
  • Is the dollar strengthening or weakening?
  • Are trade balances widening or contracting?
  • How are consumers behaving?
  • Are housing starts increasing or decreasing?
  • What is happening to the price of key commodities like oil?
  • Are there political risks and concerns hanging over the markets?

The Ashton Group’s team brings well in excess of 100 years of cumulative market experience to our client relationships. We have seen firsthand every market environment going back to the 1980’s and the knowledge we have gathered along the way gets applied to all of our client relationships.