Investment Services

A full range of fixed income strategies to meet your needs

Fixed Income Solutions

As an experienced fixed income manager, we know that the best strategy is one that meets your needs. Our fixed income strategies follow a conservative investment philosophy that doesn’t involve leverage, derivatives or currency trading. Rather, we use research and analysis bolstered by our trading and risk management experience, to identify strategies that offer the most value for the risk taken.

Cash Management. From money market funds to custom cash strategies, we can help you manage cash by aligning your strategy with your risk, liquidity and return criteria.

Ultra-Short. For investors interested in maximizing income while maintaining reasonable liquidity, our ultra-short strategies invest in high quality, liquid investments with durations ranging from overnight to five years.

Core and Core Plus. For investors seeking active management that uses fundamental research and risk management to identify strategies against a variety of benchmarks along the interest rate and credit curves for longer-term exposure to investment- and noninvestment-grade bonds (3 to 15 years).

High Yield. If you are a more aggressive investor interested in higher current income with the potential for capital appreciation, high-yield (lower rated) corporate bonds may be an appropriate choice.

Index Management. Investors seeking low-cost, risk-efficient market exposure appreciate our global index management solutions. Our experts can help you identify the appropriate investment strategies across a range of global markets and benchmarks.

Municipals. For investors interested in managing their tax burden, we offer actively managed, relative-value style municipal bond management.

Our Fixed Income Philisophy

We understand that because the market is dynamic, our investment strategies must be as well. Keeping our conservative philosophy in mind, we create high quality, well diversified, liquid investment portfolios by combining:

  • Thorough Fundamental Research
  • Trading Expertise
  • Risk Management
  • Distinctive Portfolio Design
  • Global Trading Platform

Wealth Planning

With Wealth Comes Complexity

As your wealth grows so does the complexity of your finances, which requires thoughtful consideration and a coordinated strategy to help you achieve your goals.

With over 30 years of working with affluent individuals and families, our clients benefit from the perspective and guidance of experienced professionals who help anticipate opportunities and navigate the many dimensions of wealth management planning.


Your life goals are unique. The path you take to achieve them should be, too.

Our disciplined approach to investment management begins by understanding your life goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax liability and financial responsibilities. Then, in collaboration with you, we create an investment strategy unique to your objectives, from current income generation to maximizing the potential for capital growth.

A Pprocess centered around you.

We combine proactive expert advice, a broad array of capabilities and our latest technology to tailor a sophisticated investment strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Securities Lending, Transparency and Risk Management

At Ashton Group, clients have the opportunity to optimize the value of their portfolios by participating in our securities lending program, while working within their individual risk tolerances. Ashton Group is an experienced securities lending industry leader.

Our primary competitive advantages are:

Exceptional Capital Strength

  • Sophisticated investors recognize the importance of partnering with a stable and disciplined lending agent.
  • Discerning investors recognize that indemnification is only as strong as the lending agent offering the protection.
  • Ashton Group possesses the financial strength and stability to be a premier, dependable partner for our clients, and has proven its success through years of business cycles.
Customized Solutions for Client Satisfaction
  • We know that securities lending is not a "one size fits all" product. Ashton Group works with our clients to understand their objectives and design customized programs to fit each client’s individual risk and return objectives.
  • We offer multiple routes to market, expertise in a wide variety of collateral and ongoing expansion into new markets.
  • We develop relationships focused on trust and reliability, not only on the transaction.
Proven Performance Results through Advanced Technology
  • Ashton Group provides strong performance supported by more than three decades of innovative solutions and robust risk management.
  • Ashton Group’s competitive advantage is gained through our distinctive global infrastructure. We achieve efficiency in technology through our single, global proprietary trading platform which allows our traders to lend our clients’ securities around the clock.
  • Organic growth enables us to develop and evolve our trading platform, a key technological advantage that allows us to quickly capitalize on trades that may not be accessible by others.

To value their trust, work to protect their interests and strive to ensure the experience of working with Exponent remains simple and rewarding.

To build that trust, we act with integrity in everything we do, and empathise with the needs of those we work with. That means listening to business owners, backing management teams and always making decisions in our investors’ best interests.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Delegate the management of your portfolio to our expert investment professionals.

You may wish to delegate investment decisions to our experts, either because you do not have the time, or the immediate access to market information, to make timely investment decisions. Perhaps, you simply prefer to entrust your financial assets to an investment professional.

Guided by your investment objective and risk tolerance, the portfolio manager will exercise discretion to construct and manage your investment portfolio. It will be kept under review and rebalanced as necessary to reflect changes in the outlook for particular investments, markets or asset types.